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The most common problem with fur coats is that fur can become brittle over time as dirt, dust and other contaminants can settle into the fur and suck out the natural oils that keep your fur clothing soft and luxurious. Furs also easily absorb odors, like smoke and perfume. Fur clothing should be cleaned at least once per year.

Can you make my furs softer?

When Dan & The Gang Mobile by Tower Cleaners cleans your furs, we remove built up dirt and dust. This restores your fur clothing to its natural soft and supple condition and increases its longevity.

Will fur fall out during the cleaning?

Fur is more likely to fall out of a fur garment when the fur and leather base have dried out. Regular cleaning actually helps to prevent your garment from losing fur by keeping it from drying out.

Is my fur coat too heavy to clean?

While it’s true that attempting to clean heavy fur at home can lead to torn seams or other damage, we are professional cleaners here at Dan & The Gang Mobile by Tower Cleaners. You can trust that we have the experience and expertise to clean your coat without damaging it.

Can you remove the smoke smell from my drapes?

Definitely. The smell of smoke tends to linger in fabrics, but our thorough cleaning process will eliminate all traces of smoke smell and other odors.

Can clean drapes help me breathe easier?

Definitely. Drapes and curtains tend to absorb dust, pollen, and other materials from the air, and then release them into the air whenever they are moved. A thorough cleaning will help prevent your drapes from releasing dust into the air, and keep you breathing easier.

Can you remove mildew from my drapes?

Yes. We will clean and treat your drapes to remove the mildew and help to prevent it from coming back. However, the only permanent solution for a mildew problem is to deal with the moisture problems that lead to mildew in the first place.

Good quality luggage is worth keeping in great shape, and dragging it through airports and in and out of cars can get it pretty dirty. Dan & The Gang Mobile by Tower Cleaners can get your luggage looking great again.

How do you clean luggage?

Before you bring your luggage in, make sure you have emptied the interior and any pockets it may have. When we receive it, we will gently clean the exterior of the suitcase, and vacuum and clean the inside as well. We will also remove any odors that may have accumulated in your luggage.

Do you clean inside my suitcase pockets?

Yes. We will vacuum them out and wipe them down. This is why it’s very important that you double check all the pockets before you bring them in.

Is there a size limit to my luggage?

No. We clean all luggage by hand, so the size of the suitcase is not important.

Can you remove stains from my shoes?

Yes. We take the utmost care to gently remove stains from your shoes without damaging the material.

Will my shoe color change?

No. We do not use any harsh chemicals that will alter the color of your shoes. For minor touchups, we carefully color match to ensure that the color is completely uniform.

Do you shine and polish my dress shoes?

Yes. Each pair of shoes you entrust to us will be returned in the best condition possible. For dress shoes, this means that we shine and polish them before returning them to you.

Can the chemicals you use be harmful to my kids or pets?

No. We only use cleaning products that have been verified to be non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Even if (or when!) your children’s toys end up in their mouths, you will have nothing to worry about.

Will my toys smell like chemicals?

No. Your toys will just smell fresh and clean.

Should I bother cleaning my toys, or just replace them?

Of course, we all know that our children’s favorite toys are too valuable to simply replace, and any soft toy that your child sleeps with should be cleaned at least as often as their sheets.